Transport Management Solutions (TMS)

Transport Management Solutions (TMS)
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Transport Management Solutions (TMS)

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Ezfleets TMS - A Transportation Management Solution for Today and Beyond

For innovators who want an ‘enterprise-grade’ web-based TMS without spending tens of thousands on licenses, internal IT, or software maintenance. Ezfleets TMS allows you to run multiple branches, operate in dual-currency, and automate your business with Customer & Carrier self-serve portals

Ezfleets TMS  is for logistics companies who need to tune-up their rapidly growing businesses to run more efficiently. It’s for players who want a cloud-based TMS that will help them raise their game and take on the big transportation outfits

Ezfleets TMShelps small trucking companies and freight brokerages take control of their business when paper, pen and Excel spreadsheets just don’t cut it.