Blockchain Enabled Supply Chain Platform

Blockchain Enabled Supply Chain Platform
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Blockchain Enabled Supply Chain Platform

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Blockchain Enabled Supply Chain Platform

Disruptor as Enabler

Blockchain - Proof of Concept

  • Integration in existing Supply Chain Plaforms

  • Integrated FinancialTransactions 

  • Trusted Devices for Tracking and Automation

  • Product Integration

Cloudelabs provides a comprehensive assessment of internal front-to-back operating and IT models and the external marketplace. We advise on best uses of blockchain and establish a proof of value (PoC) case for your organization.

  • Analyze your existing IT and Business platform.
  • Assess your change portfolio and business case.
  • Suggest ways to optimize your products and solutions.
  • Assess the marketplace, which may include analyzing opportunities for partnering and acquisition and the industry wide case for change.
  • Evaluate blockchain solutions providers while recommending a roadmap for implementation.
  • POC design and development.

Cloudelabs Project Management Services give your SAP projects the right technical direction and strategic vision. Project planning and preparation help you sail smoothly through project realization phases. Effective communication throughout allows stakeholders to be involved at their optimal level for contribution and training. Our project management team is well qualified to lead your projects to desired results.

Working closely with your team, we’ll design and implement a stable, secure and available  architecture and provide expert administration to manage it. We can adapt or implement all aspects of the ERP Business Suite, providing the following services

Objective assessments can ensure you achieve maximum business value from your ERP investment. Whether you want to evaluate project costs, identify key performance issues or determine your ERP readiness,  Vervetech assessment services strengthen and guide your ERP initiatives, helping you navigate common issues for greater success.

Draw on Vervetech ERP Subject Matter Experts to effectively evaluate process improvements for the optimal use of technology. Our value-driven approach enables you to make skilled decisions to fully leverage your ERP solutions. Our ERP Subject Matter Experts use proven methodologies to identify the required investment and quantify ROI prior to initiation, for a project’s maximum benefit.

ERP initiatives proceed more smoothly and are more likely to launch on time and on the budget when they are led by project managers who possess strong ERP project management skills and experience.

  • SAP FICO    
  • SAP FICA   
  • HYBRIS    
  • HANA
  • HEC    
  • BW/BOBJ    
  • SAP BPC    
  • SAP SD
  • SAP MM
  • SAP Simple Finance

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